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DHS Homeschool started in 2013 after 6 years of Public Schooling (oldest son K-8th | oldest daughter K-5th | daughter K | son homeschooled only),
and 3 years of online school. (Connections Academy)
Bringing our children/students home was the best decision we have ever made! 

In our Homeschool; we have implemented Textbooks for each grade level and a school website where assignments and progress are easily tracked and posted.
To learn how you can set up the same program for your children, please leave your contact information for a personal training session.

We are currently in-session:
Oct & Nov (December off) -winter break
Jan & Feb (March off) - spring vacation
April & May (June-September off) - summer vacation

DHS has graduated 2 with 2 remaining!
Congratulations to our Homeschool Alumni!


We are located in the Phoenix/Glendale area of Arizona, USA.

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 Our Homeschool Mission Statement:

Our Desert Homeschool seeks to Foster  

Mindful Present, Positive, Creative, and Confident Individuals.

We invest in Cultivating life-long Learners, Equipped for Real Life  by applying:

Faith, Diligence, and Perseverance to Overcome struggles, both Academic and Otherwise.


The DHS Ultimate Goal /Motto is:

"Discovering and Achieving

One’s unique Calling for

a Balanced, Meaningful

& Successful Life."

Besides the Core Subjects: Language Arts, Math, English, Social Studies, & History

DHS also has specialized courses:

OnPath-Career Choice Development

Life Skills/Independent Living

Entrepreneur Training

 Professional Advantage



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 School Rules: (Same as the House Rules)

1. Give the Upmost Respect

(it's contagious and deserved)

2. Work First, Play Later

(there is time-enough in the day for both)

3. Take Care of your temple

Dress appropriately for the situation.

Keep your body sacred.

Shower and wash hands regularly.

Care about how you look when going out. 

Eat at Mealtime for Nourishment with an Appreciative Heart. 

Be Grateful for your  Body and Keep it Safe.

5. Honor Deadlines

6. Seek Challenges

7. Learn Something

8. be helpful to one another

9. do not plagiarize

(No copy & paste. Write your own words, your own thoughts and understanding. List references. )

10. represent homeschoolers

(As you know homeschoolers are awesome, respectful, humble, and polite.

Be that, everywhere. Shine on! )

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