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We Joined a Co-Op! Whaaaaat?!?!?!

It's true. Wow, never did I ever think that was going to happen.

I asked the kids several times over the course of years if they wanted to join a Co-Op but they've never seen a purpose in it. That was spirited by the older two, introverted students.

Now that Zadie and Joe are both in Highschool and being a bit more extroverted;

I breeched the idea again. (silently praying for the same reaction as before)

They loved the idea. (It was a good run!)

It's not been that bad, but yeah, it's definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Kanzadie and Jolar enjoy the teen meet-ups and hanging out with other Homeschoolers their age. I get that. However the classes are not what we expected. The Co-Op we are in seems mostly for the Social-Side of Homeschooling.

Perfect for families that really need peer interaction for both Mom & Kids.

Not a lot of academics being taught but we got that covered. It's a new adventure.

Zadie is currently taking Choir ("glee") & Jolar Basketball (fun).

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